Success in Choosing a College
with Marna Atkin


Description of Services:

• Full assessment of academic record, goals and objectives.

• The appropriate timetable:
   A complete calendar of timeframes and deadlines.

• Thorough and comprehensive college search and selection.

• Advisement on the application process….step by step.

• Admissions tests information:
   What tests to take and when.

• Building a college resume.

• Assistance with essay writing and review of completed essays.

• Consultation on Financial Aid guidelines.


Marna Atkin is a consummate professional. Her knowledge and connections were invaluable in getting our son into Cornell, our daughter into NYU Tisch School of Fine Arts (early decision), and our second daughter into the University of New Hampshire Hotel and Restaurant Management Program. Her many years of counseling opened doors to admissions personnel with whom she had developed a relationship over the years. This created possibilities for our children to achieve what they wanted in higher education.

(Cornell University, New York University and University of New Hampshire parent, Delmar, New York)

Marna took all the stress of the college application process off my hands.  She made sure my son was on top of everything. She kept track of his progress and held him to his deadlines. It was a pleasure working with her and I loved not having to nag my son to get things done. THAT was priceless.  He is now finishing up his freshman year at FSU. He has had a great first year and is very happy with his choice.

(Florida State University parent, Loudonville, New York)

As the parents of twin boys, the college process was a formidable task for us to tackle alone. You helped us get organized and gave our sons incredible personal attention. With the vast array of colleges to choose from, you simplified the choices by constructing a detailed list of the schools that met our criteria.  Your prior educational experience, patience and incredible organizational skills made the so called "dreaded" admission process thoroughly enjoyable and stress free. We are truly grateful for your invaluable guidance, advice and support. Our sons couldn't be happier with their choice of University!

(George Washington University parent, Voorheesville, New York)

Marna's experience, organization and diligence helped us navigate a very daunting task. She has a wealth of information regarding individual schools. She kept our son on task with the application process. He ended up getting in to 8 out of 10 colleges that he applied to! Marna made the process painless.

(Rochester Institute of Technology parent, Saratoga Springs, New York)

Marna takes great care in explaining each step of the college application process, making it understandable to both parents and students. Her insight and recommendations are based on years of experience in the field. Both of our children followed different paths and Marna was able to provide us with valuable insight and expertise.

(Boston University Accelerated Medical program and SUNY Albany parent, Guilderland, New York)

My son has had the best four years of his life, thanks to Marna. Her advice and counsel were invaluable in finding the school that met our son's academic needs. Without her knowledge of the college arena and attention to details, our son would never have found the right fit for him.

(SUNY Buffalo parent, Delmar, New York)

When our daughter's guidance counselor failed to provide her with the help that she needed, Marna stepped in and gave her excellent help with the entire college application process. She was there from start to finish--answering any questions that came to mind and sharing in all of the excitement of the acceptance process, as well. I must also add that we live in Massachusetts and would use Marna over again!

(Dartmouth College parent, Milford, Massachusetts)

Marna really gets to know your child well, and she has the ability to match your child with the right school. She knows the ins and outs of college admissions, having guided students into great colleges for 30 years. Marna is definitely your “go to” college advisor. She develops the right rapport with your child, as well as with the college admissions officer.

(Union College parent, Loudonville, New York)

Marna Atkin, in addition to being a great adviser, is compassionately earnest; she intimately knows every detail of the college admissions process, and has many insights as to how to sort out the minutia.

When I was applying to some specialty B.A./M.D. programs, I had no idea what to expect; Marna helped me not only to organize the application process, but to prepare for interviews and frame my skills in the best possible light.

There were things, such as sending letters to the right people at the right time, that I would not have known to do otherwise.

The most valuable thing that Marna helped me to do was to form a plan. This helped to assuage my fears not only about whether I would be accepted or not, but about going to college in general.

Overall, her enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge really helped me to get into the program that was best suited to my personality and accomplishments.

(Boston University student, accelerated BA/MD program)

The college application/ selection process is far more involved than we ever remembered. It is a constant journey through endless details, surprising emotions, and countless self reflections. Marna is outstanding as a support person for each of those aspects of the application process. Her ability to guide you through while always keeping the proper perspective was invaluable to us as parents. Compassion and focus….that is Marna Atkin!

(Emerson College parent, Loudonville, New York)

I can’t say enough about Marna Atkin and her college consulting services. She really exceeded my expectations. She handled everything from soup to nuts for my daughter which took all of the stress out of the college admissions process for us. She has an abundance of knowledge about the college admissions area and collaborated very closely with our daughter keeping her on task regarding deadlines etc and providing us with pertinent information. We will be using Marna’s services again this fall for our son. I can’t recommend Marna enough!

(George Mason University parent, Guilderland, New York)

Atkin College Counseling is a superior service for your student. You feel as though your child is thoroughly understood and their strengths and weaknesses are considered for every choice along the way. This is a soup to nuts program, very thorough, and personal.

(Wesleyan University parent, Ballston Spa, New York)

I shudder to think of having to complete the college search process for our triplets without Marna. Her knowledge and experience were absolutely invaluable. She kept everyone on task and was able to provide insightful answers for our endless barrage of questions. We couldn’t be happier with the results and would highly recommend Marna to anyone beginning this process.

(Tufts University, College of the Holy Cross and Marist parent, Slingerlands, New York)

My daughter will be attending a Master’s in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family counseling in the fall. Bard was a great experience for her – a perfect fit. She loved it and didn’t want to leave. Without Marna, this never would have happened, so I am eternally grateful.

(Bard College parent, Albany New York)

Marna without a doubt made the challenging task of finding the right college and maneuvering through the process from start to finish much easier and more enjoyable for all involved. The kind gentle encouraging way she has with high school students is wonderfully refreshing. Marna was in touch with us constantly, sending interesting articles, reminder emails to our students to keep them on tract, and responded immediately whenever we had a question. It was a pleasure working with Marna, her vast knowledge and systematic approach to making sure everything was done in a timely non stressful manner was the perfect fit for our family.

(New York University and University of Michigan (2) parent), Slingerlands, New York

Marna’s knowledge and expertise in the college admissions process, guided our children through this sometimes daunting procedure in a productive and organized manner. She managed the entire process with a personal touch, patience, perseverance and sometimes a bit of humor to motivate and encourage our son and daughter. Marna made it a priority to communicate with us regularly. She emailed interesting articles, kept us informed of deadlines and expectations and was always available to answer our questions. Marna’s track record for college admissions with our children was outstanding. We are truly grateful for her honesty, respect and superior service!

(University of Connecticut and University of Massachusetts parent), Guilderland New York

We are so incredibly pleased with our son's college planning experience with Marna Atkin. With Marna's guidance, knowledge, and experience, our son took full ownership for every part of this process including the college search, decision making, visits, scheduling interviews, and completing his applications. This wouldn't have happened without Marna. Marna was always available for consultation about anything college related. I loved how she sent e-mail reminders and interesting college-related articles and tidbits from the internet. The best part was our son got into the college of his choice, early decision! Thank you Marna!"

George Washington University parent, Saratoga NY



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