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Professional College Counseling with Marna Atkin provides you with the best results for researching and planning your college experience.

"Marna really gets to know your child well, and she has the ability to match your child with the right school. She knows the ins and outs of college admissions, having guided students into great colleges for 30 years.

Marna is definitely your “go to” college advisor
. She develops the right rapport with your child, as well as with the college admissions officer."
(Union College parent, Loudonville, New York)




Selecting a college can be a major mountain to climb. The process can become overwhelming if you do not know when to begin and where to look for information to make a knowledgeable decision that will affect your future career goals and success.

After high school each person will need to consider entering advanced education to prepare for a life career in a field they enjoy, a career with employment opportunities on which they can develop and build success.

College and advanced learning is a major step towards these goals.  For the best possible foundation for choosing the right college, a trained professional in college and career counseling is your most important first step.

College placement knowledge and educational counseling are provided by Marna Atkin, founder of Atkin College Counseling.

At Atkin College Counseling, you will receive personal and detailed counseling with the latest research knowledge and resources available for making this major decision.  Review the free resources and information on this web site and contact me today for a personal interview to start on the road to success in your college career plans.

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Guide author is no dummy.
Marna Atkin has been helping smart Capital Region students get into top schools for three decades. Now she's taking her expertise to a global audience. Atkin is the co-author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting into Top Colleges, which was released this month. Atkin retired from Albany High School in 2008, after 30 years. She helped students get accepted schools such as Yale, Harvard and Cornell. She also runs Atkin College Counseling in Guilderland. In the book, she writes about why extracurricular activities really mean something to admissions directors, the importance of campus visits and what college admissions people really consider when making their decisions. The book will set you back $16.95

(Albany Times Union - June 26, 2009)


Aiming for the Ivy League:
Guilderland resident Marna Atkin displays “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting into Top Colleges,” which she co-wrote.  Even idiots can get into the best schools in the country. That is, based on the title of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting into Top Colleges,” which was co-written by a Guilderland resident. (Interview From Spotlight)

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July 20, 2009
Online Interview by Mary Schwager
'Idiot's Guide' expert offers tips on getting into college
By Bethany Bump, Special to the Times Union
First published in print: Sunday, August 16, 2009
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Choosing a College or University
(info from U.S. Department of State)

● What are your educational goals?
● What is your academic potential?
● What geographic location do you prefer?
● Do you prefer a rural, small town, suburban, or urban setting?
● Do you prefer a coeducational or a single sex institution?
● What will your expenses be and how much can you afford to spend? (This should not be the sole determinant, though; some higher-cost institutions have more generous financial packages.)
● Will you need financial aid? Work-study programs? Full- or part-time employment?
● Do you prefer a religious, private, or public college experience?
● Do you prefer a multifaceted research university or a small liberal arts college?
● What special programs interest you?
● What type of housing do you require?
● What type of student activities are you interested in?
● What athletic programs interest you?
● What type of social environment do you prefer?
● What type of medical and other support services are available?
● Are there many international (U.S. or other nationals) students on campus?
● Are there any organizations such as Global Nomads for students who grew up abroad?

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